ISO 9001:2015 Look

Glimar is a dedicated and reliable company that provides a full range of services in the field of installation of ventilated facades and translucent structures. Thanks to our many years of experience and modern production facilities, we implement ambitious architectural solutions with the use of high-quality and modern materials and technologies. We are constantly improving the project management system to successfully work on multiple facilities in terms of scope and complexity.

Company’s structure includes the design department, production facility and points of assembly. We regularly improve production, train workers, designers and installers to meet the modern construction and production requirements. We use multi-tiered quality control at all stages from design to installation. As a result of putting in place the management system, we received the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate in March 2018.

In 2018, the company revamped its production facilities and installed the cutting edge high-tech CNC equipment, and integrated software systems for data processing and transmission. This allowed us to increase productivity, bring the quality to the highest level, and reduce project execution time.

Our company offers design, manufacture and installation of all types of facades without additional subcontractors. This guarantees control over the project management, quality of work and execution time.


Many years of experience in designing facades, awareness of construction standards and rules, availability of modern CAD tools, tachometric equipment, skilled and certified designers, monitoring the market of the latest materials. All this allows us to provide advice to the architect and customer to approve the optimal solution that will meet the aesthetic preferences and budget expectations, execute a meaningful, well-thought-out project for further implementation, production and installation.


The production of modern windows, doors, facades requires high precision, technology and quality in the shortest possible time.

Aluminum window and door structures as well as processing of translucent structures manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art 4-axis CNC machining centers and dust collection centers of the leading European manufacturers. We have everything we need to produce high-quality profile systems of such companies as Aluprof, Alutech, Reynaers, Shueco.


Our Sheet Processing Workshop is equipped with a cutting edge 3-axis four-spindle (HSD) CNC panel machining center. Working table size: 2,000 mm x 7,000 mm. We can produce up to 1,000 sq.m. of cassettes of any difficulty per shift. Our stretching and rolling machine with turned shafts makes it possible to produce bent cassettes and columns with a 20 mm flanging. We have experience in processing the following materials: Alpolic, Reynobond, Larson, Etalbond, Naturalbond, Alufas, Gentash, Fundermax and others.

All production stages are subject to our quality control system. Our production facilities and equipment, staff and cutting edge software will satisfy the most demanding customer, and implement any architect's idea in the shortest possible time.


Installation of all structures is performed by qualified installers in compliance with any applicable construction and safety standards. All employees have the necessary permissions, equipment and gear. The work is executed in accordance with approved drawings under the guidance of experienced foremen. The execution and the process of work is supervised by the chief engineer and the project manager.


It is used in various spatial structures, including in zenith skylights. The main task of the facade is to illuminate the interior of the building, and create an appropriate climate and comfort for users. A peculiarity of the mullion-transom system is the fastening of the horizontal transom to the supporting vertical mullion. Single, double and triple pane windows and sandwich panels are used as filling.

There are three options:
• "classic" - visible clamping strips and covers, usually 50 mm or 30 mm;
• "structural" - visible seam, usually 20 mm, filled with sealant;
• "combined" - a combination of the first and second modifications;

These systems come with additional integrated window or door leaves of various types, elements of protection against the sun, , and more.


The design consists of segments (elements) of facades that are fastened to the supporting structure of buildings, as a rule, floor slabs, which are connected together. Finished elements of structures are assembled on production site, which allows to:
• get better quality and accuracy of the final product;
• reduce the installation time;
• avoid using construction cradles and scaffolding.

Production of these structures requires special high-precision CNC equipment and a special software suite that we have.


The system consists of a facing material fixed on a load-bearing frame. We usually use aluminum profiles as a load-bearing frame. The latter is chosen depending on the configuration of the facade and the type of building. It can be attached both to the wall and only to the partition. For insulation, an insulant is attached to the wall. The type of insulant and mounting method are also chosen on a case by case basis according to calculations.

We work with a myriad of facing materials: aluminum composite panels, ceramic granite, granite, HPL panels, fiber cement, ceramics and other materials.


Different types of windows and doors made from frame profiles. Depending on the application area and specific requirements to aesthetics, functionality, thermal isolation, tamper resistance, and so on. Unlimited color solutions and textures. Standard types of opening: swing, sash or collapsible. For panoramic structures: lift and slide. A wide range of solutions for the needs of modern architecture, requirements and standards.


Project implementation process always comes with additional or decorative elements such as awnings, sunscreens, steel or glass railings, glass systems. Keeping in line with the ever-increasing demands of the clients to contemporary looking buildings, we are prepared to offer and implement the most unique solutions.